Spices, Rubs & Curries

Herbs & Spices
Allspice (Ground)
Allspice (Whole)
Anise, Star (Whole)
Aniseed (Anise / Ground)
Aniseed (Anise I Whole)
Annato Seed (Ground)
Arrowroot Powder
Basil (Domestic-Leaf)
Basil (Sweet-Ground)
Basil (Sweet-Leaf)
Bay Leaves (Ground)
Bay Leaves (Whole)
Caraway Seed (Ground)
Caraway Seed (Whole)
Cardamon (Green / Ground)
Cardamon Pods (Green / Whole)
Cayenne Pepper (15K-Mild)
Cayenne Pepper (40K-Medium)
Cayenne Pepper (90K-Super Hot)
Celery Seed (Ground)
Celery Seed (Whole)
Cilantro Flakes
Cinnamon (Ground)
Cinnamon Stick (2 3/4*)
Cloves (Ground)
Cloves (Whole)
Coriander (Ground)
Coriander (Whole)
Cream of Tartar
Cumin Seed (Ground)
Cumin Seed (Whole)
Dill Seed (Whole)
Dill Weed (Domestic)
Fennel Seed (Ground)
Fennel Seed (Whole)
Fenugreek (Ground)
Fenugreek (Whole)
Garlic, Granulated
Garlic, Minced
Garlic Powder
Garlic, Roasted (Granulated)
Garlic. Roasted (Minced)
Ginger (Ground)
Green Pepper (Coarse Grind)
Hibiscus Flowers
Lemon Peel (Granules)
Mace (Ground)
Marjoram (Ground)
Marjoram (Leaf)
Mint Leaves (Crushed)
Mustard (Colman’s)
Mustard Flour-Oriental, Hot
Mustard Seed (Brown)
Mustard Seed (Yellow)
Nutmeg (Ground)
Nutmeg (Whole)
Onion, Chopped
Onion, Granulated
Onion, Green- 3/16″ Flake
Onion. Minced
Onion Powder
Orange Peel (Granules)
Oregano (Mediterranean)
Oregano (Mexican-Cut)
Oregano (Mexican-Ground)
Oregano (Mexican-Whole)
Paprika (120 Asta-Domestic)
Paprika (85 Asta-Domestic)
Paprika (Hungarian)
Parsley Flakes
Pepper, Black (10 Mesh-Coarse)
Pepper, Black (14 Mesh-Restaurant:
Pepper, Black (25 Mesh-Table)
Pepper, Black (8 Mesh-1/4 Cracked’,
Pepper, Black (Whole)
Pepper, Black (X-Fine)
Pepper, White (60 Mesh-Extra Fine)
Pepper, White (Whole)
Peppercorn Trio (Coarse Ground)
Peppercorns (Green)
Peppercorns (Pink)
Peppercorns (Tellicherry)
Pink Pepper (Coarse Grind)
Poppy Seed
Red Peppers, Crushed (40K-Stanc
Red Peppers, Crushed (65K-Hot)
Rosemary (Cut & Sifted)
Rosemary (Ground)
Saffron (Spanish / Mancha)
Sage (Rubbed)
Sassafrass (Ground)
Savory (Ground)
Savory (Leaf)
Sesame Seed (White)
Sesame Seeds (White-Toasted)
Tarragon (Leaq
Thyme (Domestic-Leaf)
Thyme (Imported-Ground)
Thyme (Imported-Leaf)
Turmeric (Ground)
Vanilla Beans, Bourbon
Spice Blends
Apple Pie Spice **
Balsamic Fish Rub
Barbeque Spice
Blackening Seasoning
Blended Mushrooms. Alpine
Blended Mushrooms, Aspen
Blended Mushrooms, Forest
Burger Seasoning
Cajun Spice
Cajun Spice (Extra-Hot)
Celery Salt
Chili Powder (Dark)
Chili Powder (Light)
Chinese Five Spice
Citrus Cajun
Crab/Shrimp Boil Curry Powder (Madras Style)
El Toro Chili Powder
Fajita Spice
French Fry Seasoning
Garam Masala
Garlic Pepper
Garlic Salt
Gumbo File **
Hash Brown Seasoning
Herbs De Provence
Indonesian Blend
Italian Seasoning
Italian Seasoning (Zesty)
Jamaican Jerk (Hot)
Jamaican Jerk (Mild)
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Pepper, No Salt** Thyme Trout Rub
Lime Pepper
Lime Salt
Mesquite Seasoning
Onion Salt
Orange Pepper
Peppercorn Medley (Whole)
Peppercorn Trio (Coarse Ground)
Pickling Spice **
Poultry Seasoning
Pumpkin Pie Spice **
Ranch Dressing Mix
Ranch Dressing Mix (1 Gallon Yield)
Ranch Dressing Mix (4 Gallon Yield)
Rib Rub
Rocky Mountain Herb Blend
Seasoning Salt
Sesame Seed Blend
Southwest Seasoning Salt
Taco Seasoning
Thai Spice
Vanilla Sugar
Vanilla Sugar (Spiced)
Wacky Pepper
Wasabi Powder
Wild Mushroom Powder
Zapp *No Salt Blend

Beet Flower
Bell Pepper Flakes (Red/Green)
Bell Pepper Granules (Red & Green)
Cabbage Flakes
Carrot Flakes (1/4-)
Carrot Granules
Celery Flakes (Stalk-Crosscut)
Celery Granules (Leaf)
Garlic, Granulated
Garlic, Minced
Garlic Powder
Garlic, Roasted (Granulated)
Garlic, Roasted (Minced)
Green Beans
Leek Flakes
Onion, Chopped
Onion, Granulated
Onion, Green- 3/16″ Flake
Onion, Minced
Onion Powder
Onion Powder,Toasted
Onion. Sliced
Vegetable Products
Red Peppers, Hungarian (Sun-Dried)
Spinach Flakes (114
Spinach Powder
Tomato Flakes (1/4”)
Tomato Powder
Wasabi Powder **
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Certified Organic
– Tuscany
– Umbria
Pomace Olive Oil
Pure Olive Oil
Pure Sesame Oil
Hot Chili Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Walnut Oil
White Truffle Oil
Black Truffle Oil

Balsamic Vinegar
White Balsamic Vinegar
Chianti Red Wine Vinegar
Don Bruno Sherry Wine Vinegar
Champagne Wine Vinegar
Red Wine Vinegar
White Wine Vinegar With
Tarragon Spring
Raspberry Flavored Red Wine Vinegar
Raspberry Flavored White Wine Vinegar
Rice Wine Vinegar – (Seasoned or Plain)
Marsala Cooking Wine
White Cooking Wine
Red Cooking Wine,
Sauterne Cooking Wine
Sherry Cooking Wine

Basmati Rice
Wild Rice Jasmine Rice
Arborio Rice
Italian Polenta
Cous Cous
Artichoke Hearts
Artichoke Bottoms
Marinated Artichoke Hearts
Asparagus Spears
Baby Corn
Cocktail Onions
Hearts of Palm
Grape Leaves
Roasted Red Peppers
Roasted Yellow Peppers
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
Kalamata Olives
Nicoise Olives
Wild Lingonberries
Caper Berries
Mandarin Oranges Segments
or Whole
Green Peppercorn in Brine
Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil
Anchovy Paste
Smoked Baby Clams
Cherry Wood Smoked Mussels
Cherry Wood Smoked Oysters
Xl – Helix Snails
Large Snail Shells
Sliced Crystallized Ginger
Curry Powder
Major Grey Chutney
Wild Shire Mustard
Dijon Mustard
Chinese Hot Mustard
Pick a Peppa Sauce
Lady Fingers
Oyster Sauce
Hot Chili Sause
Pure Maple Syrup
Fine Sea Salt
Coarse Sea Salt
Bamboo Skewers (4 Inch – 12 Inch)


Poultry Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Blackened Red Fish Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Pork and Veal Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Vegetable Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Seafood Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Meat Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Blackened Steak Magic: 2oz. or 24oz.
Pepper Sauce: 3.25oz. or 128oz.
Magic Seasoning Salt: 7oz.